Cheri Brady, APRN, M.Ed., CHT

Cheri Brady has studied the mind/body/spirit interconnection for over twenty-five years.  She is a Nurse Practitioner, Professional Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and Instructor.


As a traditional health care provider, Cheri specializes in health related issues. For years, medical doctors have referred patients to Cheri with confidence. Cheri embraces the best of modern medicine and complementary therapies for a truly integrated focus on healing.


Mind-Body Connections


Therapies are provided in a professional, private, safe and confidential environment. The client is always in control with these self-empowering techniques.

Mind-Body Healing


    Wholeness is the overall perspective on healing at Mind-Body Connections. Balance and harmony of the mind, body & spirit provides an optimal environment for self-healing.  The therapies at Mind-Body Connections tap into the mind/body/spirit interconnection for peak performance and healing.


    The techniques used at Mind-Body Connections have been proven effective by scientific research and complement traditional medical therapies.  The mind-body therapies can actually enhance the positive effects of traditional therapies and help reduce side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and other medical treatment and procedures.


Mind-body therapies can empower individuals during difficult times when there is a feeling of loss of control and helplessness.  These techniques are safe and can be utilized as life enhancing skills to improve self-esteem and reach personal goals.  Reaching your highest potential is an achievable goal.


Sessions are by appointment only and can be scheduled by calling:


Mind-Body Connections

PO Box 62

143E Shaker Rd, Suite 200A

East Longmeadow, MA 01028

(413) 525-6089



The integrated therapies at Mind-Body Connections have helped many people with the following:


· Relaxation & stress management

· Reduce side effects from cancer treatments such as chemotherapy,

 radiation and related procedures

· Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), hypertension, and other medical problems

· Anxiety

· Fears & phobias (fear of flying, needle sticks, heights, etc.)

· Public Speaking

· Self-esteem

· Peak Sports Performance

· Test taking anxiety

· Improve study habits

· Weight management

· Smoking cessation

· Preparation for surgery & medical procedures

· Preparation for childbirth

· Coping with life-threatening illnesses


                   And more…………………

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