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  Wholeness is the overall perspective on healing at Mind-Body Connections. Balance and harmony of the mind, body & spirit provides an optimal environment for self-healing. The therapies at Mind-Body Connections tap into the mind/body/spirit interconnection for peak performance and healing.


   The techniques used at Mind-Body Connections have been proven effective by scientific research and complement traditional medical therapies. The mind-body therapies can actually enhance the positive effects of traditional therapies and help reduce side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and other medical treatment and procedures.


  Mind-body therapies can empower individuals during difficult times when there is a feeling of loss of control and helplessness. These techniques are safe and can be utilized as life enhancing skills to improve self-esteem and reach personal goals.  Reaching your highest potential is an achievable goal.



with Cheri Brady APRN, M.Ed., CHT
         Mind-Body Specialist

  Approximately eighty-five percent of medical problems are related to stress. Relaxation techniques can help to reduce stress.  Guided imagery enhances relaxation and is a language embraced by the subconscious mind which can affect many physical functions of the body, as well as, emotional changes. Relaxation and guided imagery are powerful agents for positive changes, both physically and emotionally.


  Relaxation techniques are skills that can be utilized throughout one’s life to control anxiety, emotional responses, irrational thoughts and stress.  Imagery can be used to assist and promote relaxation.


  Guided Imagery is a multi-sensory experience utilizing all your senses.  It is a process where you can see, hear, taste, feel or smell the thoughts in your mind. Imagery is the bridge and interface between your mind and body.  


   Imagery can be used to alter physiological responses.  The subconscious mind does not always know the difference between what is real or imagined.  For example: just by thinking of eating a lemon, your mouth may begin to salivate. There is no real lemon, but your thought can create a physical response of producing saliva.  


   Thoughts can have a positive or negative effect on how your body responds to stress and illness.  Imagery techniques can guide your body to respond in positive and effective ways to promote healing.


  Imagery can help with relaxation and assist in decreasing blood pressure, headaches, blood flow and pain, just to mention a few of the physical effects. Conditions caused or worsened by stress respond well to imagery techniques. Athletes can improve their performance through learning effective guided imagery techniques.


   Imagery can also be used to stimulate an inner dialogue process for problem solving. Through this experience an inner advisor may be used as a wise and creative guide.





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