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Life-Between-Lives Spiritual Regression Therapy


    Life-Between-Lives (LBL) Spiritual Regression Therapy is a more intensive process than PLR Therapy.  It is an experience of our souls between physical lives.  It is about uncovering the mysteries of our life in the spirit world and giving a greater perspective of the wholeness of who we are and our interconnection to all there is.  

     People are looking for meaning in their lives that makes sense to them.  They are seeking a spiritual awareness that is individual and unique to them and free of dogma and intermediaries.  The LBL experience allows them to tap into this wisdom and find the light of divinity within themselves for self-discovery.


    Through a deep hypnotherapy experience, people learn details about:

· Their purpose on Earth

· Soul mates

· Soul travel between lives

· Where souls go after physical death

· Spirit guides

· Why we chose our present bodies and lives

· How spirits connect and comfort the living


    LBL Spiritual Regression is intended to give the client greater direction and purpose in their lives by unlocking the hidden knowledge about their immortal existence.


     An average LBL Spiritual Regression Therapy session lasts between 3-4 hours.


Suggested Reading: Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, PH.D

Website: www.Newtoninstitute.org






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Past Life and Life-Between-Lives Regression Therapy

   PLR Therapy is based on the premise that we are eternal beings who have experienced many lifetimes. If someone does not believe in reincarnation they can accept this therapeutic approach as a symbolic metaphor for resolving issues.  The belief in previous lives is not necessary to achieve the benefits from the experience of PLR.


   PRL Therapy is a process of going back and re-experiencing previous life-times with the intention of healing emotional, spiritual or physical symptoms.  


    The benefits of PLR Therapy can be the:

· Resolution of issues, trauma & problems without a rational basis

· Healing of irrational fears & phobias

· Self-knowledge and inspiration to improve life

· An explanation for something that could not be explained before

· Confirmation of a knowingness about something without prior

 information or experience

· Insights into relationships


A Past Life Regression Therapy session lasts an average of 1½-2 hours


Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy






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