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  Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to humankind.  Shamanism is an ancient healing practice where healing, solving problems, and spiritual guidance can be obtained through altered states of consciousness.  Helping spirits from other dimensions of reality can be contacted and communicated with through these altered states of consciousness.  The power to overcome obstacles, work with energy, gain knowledge and heal comes with working in partnership with spirit guides, teachers, power animals, and/or sacred objects.  Through journeying, ceremony and ritual, the practitioner and client create a loving sacred space where healing naturally happens.  


Soul Retrieval

    Soul retrieval is working with spiritual aspects of illness due to loss of power.  Our soul is our essence and life force.  A portion of our soul can leave our body during emotional or physical trauma in order to survive.  Soul loss can occur with anything that causes pain such as an accident, surgery, divorce or death of a loved one, etc.  Symptoms of soul loss can be chronic depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, decreased immune system, and loss of vitality. The soul doesn’t always come back on its own so the shamanic practitioner, through soul retrieval, can assist the client and bring back the pure essence of the soul that left

Medicine for the Earth

  This work is based on the book, Medicine for the Earth, How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins by Sandra Ingerman.   Sandra shows how to use the ancient technique of transmutation to change ourselves and the environment.  It is about creating a space that allows change to occur versus trying to make change happen.  The work is extremely effective for inner personal change that creates changes in the outer world.  Sandra says if she could leave only one message about this work, it would be:


“It is who we become that changes the world, not what we do”.


The life-altering Medicine for the Earth process walks us through transmutation in a step-by-step meaningful, powerful and profound way.

Cheri has trained with Sandra Ingerman in shamanism,

soul retrieval and Medicine for the Earth.

Visit Sandra’s website @ www.sandraingerman .com